About us
Powerful seeds
We are an interdisciplinary and international team that pursues food sovereignty through the ecological protection of seeds.
Our proposal


We have created this series of tutorials and documentation to help gardeners and organizations pelletize their own seeds. However, we know that sometimes it is not enough and it requires training with people who have experience in this area. That is why we are open to offer our training services in this area to help you improve your crops.


Based on permaculture, we adapt the Pelletization formula to the nearest and low cost materials to make the Community self sufficient.


We work only with organic and/or ecological materials because we want to become part of the transition to agro-ecology.


All the material we produce is open source with free distribution.

We work together


We developed the project during the LABICAR Citizen Innovation Laboratory and we want to reach the maximum number of people with these seed improvement technologies.
Our team

Some members of our network

We are an international group with different concerns and disciplines, which we have gathered around the idea of organic improvement in seeds and how to use the best of technology and current knowledge to improve agroecological crop yields.

Lot Amorós

Computer Engineer. Founder of the project. Spain

II developed the powerful seed project as a technical solution to maximize the efficiency of free seeds and as an efficient method for ecological restoration of ecosystems.

Dino Berrettini

Documentalist and photographer, Argentina.

From my specialty I try to build a reflective look at the universe of free seeds.

Contact: dberrettini@gmail.com

Evelyn Vásquez

Biotechnology Engineer, Ecuador

Experience in research projects in the area of plant biotechnology.
Contact: ecvasquez15@gmail.com

Lucía Sanchez Dei cas

Agronomi Science, Santa Fe, Argentina

Mester in science, technology and society.
I work in research on issues related to rural development and technological transitions to sustainability. I think that other forms of food production are possible and necessary.
Nedo Dango: All the power in your hands.