Protect Your Seeds

Powerful seeds

We offer tools and open source knowledge for organic seed coating.

Our proposal to

Reaching food sovereignty

Argentina is a great food producer for the world, but 90% of its seeds are imported from countries like Holland or Israel, are bought in dollars, and are seeds with aggressive chemical treatments for life and farmers.

Our proposal is to develop a system of organic pellets to increase enormously the germination and viability of the seeds of the local producers, protecting them from fungi, insects and adding microbiology for a increasing the fertility of the soil.


We form a community of practice where we help and share solutions of germination through pelletization.

Open Technology

We need other from to approach knowledge against the patents of hybrid seeds. We create tools and knowledge open to improve and expand the technology.


The conventional industry has demonstrated the efficiency of pelleted seeds, considerably improving germination and increasing production to 50% in some cases.

Do It Yourself

We seek to create accessible tools that can be used by small farmers and environmental associations.


We offer seed pelleting workshops, to ensure a scalability and transition towards the ecological improvement of the seeds.


Our goal is to reach as many farmers and reforestation projects as possible, through the Internet and build a global community.


Farmers and conservationists

Small and medium-sized farmers and restoration projects can pelletize their seeds themselves to protect them during storage and ensure that they will be protected against fungi and insects during germination,

An efficient solution for

Ecological restoration of ecosystems

In the recovery of degraded land, whether by fires or very unfertile soils, seed pelletizing can be a key factor in improving plant planting and reducing seed costs and needs.

Cost Reduction

Due to the high cost and low availability of many forest seeds, it is very important to pelletize them to protect them and to guarantee their germination.


It has been shown that under unideal conditions, such as forest planting, pelleted seeds behave better and are more efficient than non-pelletized.


In reforestation, it is advisable to sow at the right time, usually after the summer, but the seeds can stay in the field for a long time before germinating. If seeded pellets can survive in the field without risk of predation, fungal attack, or dryness.


When you know the environment where you do the resforestation, you can adapt the ingredients of the pelletization to the climate type, whether it is a dry or humid climate.

Sharing knowledge


We want to distribute this knowledge through training and experiential workshops where let farmers ‘ demands and we can offer ecological pelletizing solutions.

What people think about us

Pitu Gustavo

Prefecture coordinator

What sows much more than it seems and invites us to re-sow and sow a better humanity. With proper care and to the precise extent germinate many wonderful things. They changed my world. Thank you for that. The era of collaboration is underway.

Antonio Latuca

Responsible of the program of Urban Agriculture of Rosario

“Powerful seeds came to Rosario at the time from our local free seed bank we needed to consolidate the same and also make a qualitative leap to make our seeds better used by the gardeners of Rosario and the Region”

Roberta Valencia

Gardener in Parque Huerta Bosque de los Constituyenes

“The project is fascinating, we will be able to learn along with them, I love the project, surely we will put into practice to see the result.”
Nendo Dango: All the power in your hands.